​NLFAD exists to educate, motivate, develop, improve lives, and protect futures through the field of human performance. 

           WHO ARE WE?

NLFAD is a industry leader in motivational speaking, corporate fitness development, athletic performance, and fitness. We provide elite training services for all levels of athletic performance and separately offer the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, and well-rounded fitness program available. We have field tested and proven results on every level of human performance and fitness alike. Believing in education, we serve as front line educators to parents, coaches, and individuals looking to do the best for themselves and those they lead. Along with some of the top names in the industry, NLFAD coaches are ALL extremely qualified and educated. Don't take our word for it. Click on the link to research our staff.



We dedicate to uncompromising commitment in giving the very best, researched based training, service, support, equipment, and coaching. At NLFAD, we will push the envelope but never will we replace science based principles with trendy workouts. 



Focusing on maximizing each individual and developing confidence with a work ethic that translates to all aspects of life. We believe that everyone has an untapped level of greatness that we can bring to realization. We strive to create a habit of pursuing excellence with our programs by preaching the mindset of - BE THE BEST. YOU. We want to help all people - it doesn't matter if you are the top in your sport or fighting for playing time, living comfortably numb, extremely fit or obese; change is a mindset. Everyone with a body, brain, will and desire can improve their live no matter how elite or novice they are and ultimately- BE THEIR BEST.​