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Personal Training Testimonials


The George D. Alan Company has had the opportunity and pleasure of Michael Taylor heading up our company’s fitness program.  We contacted Michael in order to help our efforts in a weight loss contest  that was to last less than 60 days. With about 15 participants in the exercise program the total weight loss was over 200 pounds.  More important  was the commitment  that  Michael was able to draw out of our people to commit to a healthier lifestyle.  We now have at least 10 people that participate several times a week to working out.  The benefits to our company have been an increase in team spirit,  healthier eating (and snacking)  habits, more energy,  better work habits, better moral and a happier staff. Working with Michael has made us a better company. There is no question that this will also result in a better bottom line, in more ways than one. - Dan C - President - The George D. Alan Company



Michael Taylor is by far the most sensible and attentive trainer I have worked with.  He is a great motivator and his extensive knowledge and experience make him amazingly skilled at tailoring a workout program to individual goals and physical abilities.  Such a refreshing change from the cookie cutter approach I have experienced with other trainers!  I came to him with an injury that he guided me through to complete recovery.  In addition, he cared enough to instruct me on the correct form with all exercises to help ensure any further injury prevention.  He is a pleasure to work with and a fantastic personal trainer no matter what your goals! - Suzanne K



I have always considered myself to be a very active person and in-shape.  I have always been active with sports and regular exercise my whole life, even into my adult years.  I have even challenged myself with the craziness of the P90X & Insanity workout programs a few times.  When Michael Taylor first came into our organization, I learned more about the core values of diet and life style changes that are a necessary part of having a successful fitness program.  Incorporating this into my every day routine the past two months has been very rewarding.  Not only have I seen noticeable physical results, but I sleep better at night and have strengthened my core.  This has led to significant lower back pain relief and increased flexibility.  Every workout that Michael runs is challenging no matter what level you’re at, very well-structured and balanced, and is a ton of fun to be a part of.” - Doug D



I started personal training with Michael 10 years ago.  At that time in my life, I was 31 and just had my second baby.  My workout regimen consisted of step classes and jogging/cycling.  My diet was sparse, a cup of coffee before class and 5-6 hours before eating again.  I was in the mindset of less is better.   My girlfriend and I decided to partner train to get fit for her wedding.Although my weight was in the average range for my frame and age, I was not “fit”.  My body fat was actually high for what I wanted.  We began weight training twice a week, followed by low impact cardio.  I actually gained a few pounds because of muscle, but lost fat and inches.  I dropped from 26% body fat to 14% at my lowest. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s how you look, not what you weigh.  Muscle burns fat, so adding weights and bands helps build muscle which in turn burns the fat.  I learned to eat more frequently, before and after workouts, and added more protein.  The biggest myth for most women, is to be on an extra low caloric diet, or fad diet, to lose the weight more quickly.  What worked for me was finding a well balanced way of eating that worked for my body type and my fitness goals.  It’s a lifestyle not a diet, Michael’s education and positive motivation was the key! - Christi S



Michael is a great trainer who provides a unique holistic experience. He focuses on the individual and their specific goals combined with their physical condition and abilities. The uniqueness is that he also focuses on the nutritional side as well as the psychological situation and stress level of the individual. He's had a huge impact on me and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to make a difference in their life. - Louie O



Michael was brought in to help our company meet some weight loss and fitness goals.  Michael tailored the program to meet our individual needs and fitness levels.  In addition to the great work outs, Michael provided valuable information related to diet, sleep, recovery and life style changes that we have embraced.  Michael has a wonderful way of pushing you without being overbearing, all the while encouraging you to meet your goals.  He has made us understand that we are capable of doing much more than we think we can.  I exceeded my original goals because of Michael and his mentoring and I am continuing to work out with him to further enhance my fitness goals.  I can’t say enough good things about Michael and his approach.  - Andy B - Vice President – The George D. Alan Company


NLFAD Program - 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge: 212.8 lbs lost

highest / lowest 30 day individual weight loss: 22.8 lbs / 10.2 lbs



I wanted to tone my body and build more muscle, but I would look at the big, intimidating equipment and machines in my gym and wonder how to even start. Then I began training with Michael and we used so many different tools, his instruction and programming is amazing. Suddenly workouts were fun! We rarely did the same exercise twice. And best of all, I saw results! Now I get compliments all the time. - Melissa C


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